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Nose bleed in pregnancy

I'd never had a nosebleed in my life before I got pregnant. But now I get them all the time. Why?

The skin lining the inside of the nose is very fine. During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone can make the tiny blood vessels in the skin lining the inside of the nose dilate. This combined with the amount of blood circulating in the pregnant woman's body, increasing by up to 50%, tends to make a pregnant woman's nose produce more mucus and more likely to bleed.

As a result, you may experience blocked runny nose and / or sudden nosebleeds. As long as you don't lose a lot of blood, there is nothing to worry about.

To stop a nose bleed, sit down with your head forward. Press the sides of your nose together between your thumb and forefinger, just below the bony part of your nose for 10 minutes.

If the bleeding doesn't stop, of if you are concern, see your doctor.

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